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Are your employees suffering from addiction or wellness issues?
Every time a staff member takes a smoke break on company time, or calls in sick after a weekend of drugs, alcohol or gambling, your company loses money. For many companies, addiction is a serious safety concern and a cause for liability. Health issues related to pain, stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and insomnia are also on the rise, and can contribute to low morale, decreased productivity, lack of energy, and rising benefit costs. 

A healthy, addiction-free workplace is possible
As an employer, having a healthy staff impacts every aspect of your operations. Just imagine the ways your company would improve if every employee were addiction-free and experienced more mental wellness. Our Corporate & Group Partners program, paired with our LCH Technique laser therapy addiction and wellness treatments, offers a drug-free way to makes those visions a reality.

How does the Corporate & Group Partners Program work?
At no cost to the firm, companies partner with us under the Corporate & Group Partners program, which allows company employees (and even their family members) to receive generous discounts off of any treatment packages they choose.

All of your staff members will receive tremendous support before, during, and after their treatments. Most treatments include consultation, counselling, drug-free, pain-free laser therapy treatments, a 30-day detoxification program, printed and audio materials, and continuous support for as long as they need. 

As it is essential that your employees are fully informed about the LCH Technique, the ways it can help them, what they can expect from treatment, and the follow-up support they will receive, trained LCH staff will conduct informal group seminars at your workplace (or elsewhere, if you choose). We also work with your team to provide information for your company newsletter and other communication vehicles that work for you. The more your staff members feel confident that their company is encouraging them on the road to health, the easier it will be for them to heal. 

No need to miss work
Laser therapy treatments are conducted in a confidential outpatient clinic and take less than 90 minutes each. Even most heavy users of drugs and alcohol can overcome their addiction with eight treatments over a period of 30 days, without ever missing work, being away from home, or attending meetings. Our quit smoking program requires a single, one-hour visit. Other treatments are delivered individually, in pairs, or in a short series. 

What about payment?
Some companies require employees to pay for the treatments themselves or offer a payroll deduction plan. Others are able to provide the treatments through benefit packages and collective agreements. The choice is up to you.

Contact us to learn more about designing a customized treatment contract that responds to your organization's unique needs. Our Corporate & Group Partners Program allows you to encourage the health and healing of your team. Your call or email could save your company thousands of dollars, and could improve your employees lives forever.

Request a Presentation by one of our Registered Nurses.

Please note: employees within the Corporate & Group Partners Program cannot refer co-workers through the Grapevine Referral Program; however, they can refer non co-workers to receive referral bonuses.

Our programs are tailored to each individual and results vary accordingly.