About Us

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Laser Centers for Health is the creator and exclusive provider of the LCH Technique, the wellness and addiction system that combines low-level laser therapy with:

  • private in-depth assessment and consultation 
  • comprehensive monitoring and follow-up
  • all-natural detoxification supplements
  • audio and written materials
  • ongoing support (we're there for you, even long after your program is finished)

Depositphotos 200272304 xl 2015 smaller 2LCH has the highest known success rates in Western Canada for addiction and wellness treatments.

For example, one full year after their LCH Technique treatment to quit smoking, 98% of our clients are still non-smokers, without the use of nicotine replacement products or medication.

There are no side effects; clients feel calm and relaxed, with an overall sense of wellbeing. Since 1999, more than 15,000 people have regained health, control, and happiness through the LCH Technique.

We treat all types of addiction, such as to cigarettes and nicotine, alcohol, drugs (street & prescription), gambling, gaming and food products. Health issues related to lifestyle and the nervous system, such as stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia, can also be overcome, or dramatically reduced and managed, through LCH Technique programs. 

History of Laser Centers for Health
In 1998, Registered Nurse Sheila Baxter attended a medical conference that featured addiction treatment using newly developed laser therapy technology. Baxter enlisted the help of the Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia (RNABC) to determine the legitimacy, effectiveness, and future of this technology.

With RNABC support, Baxter embarked upon intensive training with the developer of the laser therapy technology. After certification as a Laser Therapist, she launched negotiations to open a laser therapy clinic on Vancouver Island.

In March 1999, Total Health Lifestyle Centres opened its doors on Central Vancouver Island, in Nanaimo, B.C. Canada, delivering treatments for smoking cessation and weight loss. By 2000, Baxter was certified to provide laser therapy treatments for drug and alcohol addiction, gambling, insomnia, stress, nail biting and chronic pain, and opened a treatment centre in Victoria, B.C.

LaserCenter 121P SB croppedIn 2003, Baxter changed the name to Laser Centers for Health (a subsidiary of Baxter Laser Health Centers Inc.) and, to accommodate rapidly growing demand, she expanded the Victoria clinic. The new full-time clinic in the McKenzie Professional Centre dramatically improved access for residents of southern Vancouver Island.

The Nanaimo clinic continues to serve the residents of the Central and Northern areas of Vancouver Island; both clinics serve residents from Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, northern British Columbia and Alberta.

Laser Centers for Health also provides mobile services to remote B.C. destinations for large groups and corporate clients who support employees in optimizing their health.

Baxter has drawn on decades of experience as a Registered Nurse, combined with 15 years as a Laser Therapist, to completely revolutionize Laser Centers for Health's treatment packages into the powerful LCH Technique. Each component of this package has been augmented to maximize her clients' success. It is this level of care and attention that has earned Laser Centers for Health the highest known success rates in Western Canada to treat all types of chemical and behavioural addictions, such as addiction to nicotine, all forms of drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, sugar, caffeine, energy drinks, internet, and gaming. Laser Centers for Health also provides effective relief for those suffering from chronic pain, stress, insomnia, obesity, anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

Since February 2004, Baxter has been licensed and certified as a Clinical Nurse Instructor in Laser Therapy. Baxter trains medical professionals, healthcare providers and others from around the world who want to expand their existing business or open their own laser therapy clinic. test

Our programs are tailored to each individual and results vary accordingly.