Alcohol Addiction Success Stories

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I attended the Laser Center for Health in Nanaimo last August and September.  The treatment, along with the support I received from both Sheila and Shanyn was exactly the remedy I needed.  I was in danger of losing my marriage, my family, and everything I had worked so hard to accomplish.  Other methods I had tried in order to address my problem had not worked for me, but this did, and for that, I am most grateful.  I am now healthy, more active, and embarking on new opportunities which would not have been possible had I not taken the step to call the Laser Centers for Health.  Thank you!!*


I am a recovering alcoholic and have struggled my entire adult life. Laser has given me my life back. I have disappointed so many in the past. With laser treatments and wonderful counselling from Sheila Baxter I have managed to stand proud and feel the enormous energy of being sober. I am continually supported in my journey with love and care from staff at LCH.  It is wonderful to see “clearly” the pride my family and friends share with me.

Take the “journey” and become whole again.*


Before i committed to Laser Centers I was reluctant to sign up. In fact I visited them twice in the last two years prior to going with the program.


I like a lot of others was probably in denial and refused to believe I had a drinking problem. In fact I was a working functional alcoholic .

It was like a bell would go off in my head at say 4-5pm that happy hour has begun every day . This would lead to alcohol abuse during the weekends and went on for many, many years.


I finally had to seek help and after checking out other addiction facilities. it dawned on me that this was the place to go to.


To me it was a no brainer as I got to believe in myself with the help of Sheila's dedicated counselling and laser procedure .

The tools were presented to me to change my life . Laser treatment itself is basically a non threatning modern slant on accupuncture and is an easy relaxing way to go.


I have been totally alcohol free for close to a year now and am eating healthier, more relaxed and more productive.


My life is more positive and would highly recomend their program to anyone who is wanting and willing to change their life.


Shiela and Chelsea have been a God send .


Thank you guys .


Keep up the good work.*




Dec 2014


My name is Brian and I have an extremely large amount of stress in my life..I unfortunately turned to pot and alcohol to suppress my life problems. I then only made my problems worse and turned to cocaine, which became an evil addiction. My friends and family could not believe this person was me….I did not care anymore. It became a point in which I myself was scared had tried A.A and N.A. but had no success in that program… I knew of no other way to deal with these issues until I heard of Laser Centers for Health clinic from my dad who had smoked cigarettes for over 50 years and had the treatment for smoking. He has not smoked since that day! So since it worked for him, I thought it has to work for me. With personal, financial and most of love and support from my family I was able to go to Laser Centers for Health and get the treatments and counselling I was wanting and needing. I am now completely clean and sober since Aug 21/07 and dealing very successfully with my personal problems and stress…it truly helped me and has changed my life forever!!! I wanted help and support to stop my addiction and in my opinion I received nothing but the best from the ladies at the Victoria clinic. They really helped save me! With all the love and caring I truly feel from my heart and soul. I thank you all at Laser Centers for Health for what you did for me and what you are continuing to do for our society and others….I couldn’t have done it without you ladies!!! THANKYOU!!!*


I am feeling so well + content. Thank you.*


Before my boyfriend called Laser Centers for Health, I think we both thought it was hopeless. We had always been drinking buddies, and when I stopped, he started to drink my share. Before I knew it, he had no ambition, no goals, no joy, no anything. He was always drunk. He was at the liquor store right when it opened, and just before it closed. We could never have a real conversation. He didn’t want to hear anything I said. I felt so alone and sad, and I know that probably didn’t compare to what he was feeling while he was having that first drink of the day. I was watching him slowly kill himself and there was nothing I could do, but wait. I always knew he didn’t want to be that way, and that was why I never left him. I knew he was in there somewhere. After his first appointment at Laser Centers for Health, I saw an immediate change. He acted like it was no big deal, but it was. He started eating meals with me again, we could sleep through the night, and we genuinely enjoy each others company. He has become a joy to be around again. It has been a few months now, and I no longer have any kind of anxiety from him. It’s almost as if he never had a problem at all. To anybody who is considering trying laser therapy to quit an addiction I would say, as long as you really want to quit for yourself, this is the miracle you are looking for. I tried to get the love of my life to quit for me, but until he was ready to change for himself, there was nothing I could do but be patient. Now he has changed and we have never been happier.*


Dear Laser Centers for Health,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for you!! You have been and still are my super support in my struggle with alcohol. My testament to other dear people who need help would be to get help with laser treatment along with wonderful counselling from Sheila Baxter.


I was apprehensive for the first five minutes of learning about laser and the commitment I would have to make. On meeting Sheila I decided to put all my energy and youth into the program. Of years of crazy drinking, hurting my family, hurting myself I am now sober. I am healthy and very happy. I am very conscious of the frailties that could steer me off course, but I know with laser and Sheila I am safe. I am now enjoying the pride of my family, friends and doctor who encourage me. I would truly encourage anybody to consider laser with counselling. It changed my life and it can change yours.*


"Freedom from Addiction." If that isn’t the truth. I went through the LCH Technique for alcohol addiction in early 2007. I will honestly say that I would not have been able to become addiction free if it hadn’t been for Laser Centers for Health. After only a few treatments, my confidence level, and the self-worth that returned were unbelievable. My energy level, and the sheer joy of being alive…really alive…was something I had not felt in years. My health improved. My financial picture improved. But more importantly, I am in control again. What an incredible feeling!!! My experience with the program for alcohol addiction was so positive. The program did not interfere with my daily routine. But what it did do is let me enjoy my daily routine again, without the alcoholic haze continually dragging me down. If you want to be in control of your life again, you cannot lose with the LCH Technique. The program and the staff make it no-fail! I will stand behind the program and will recommend it to anyone who wants their "Freedom from Addiction". I am an alcohol survivor. And so proud of it!! Take the first step, and try it.*


I am thrilled to feel that I have control of the alcohol addiction, which, for much of my life, has controlled me. The holistic approach provided here is what I knew I needed. Attention to both body and mind has left me feeling better, and more aware of the psychological and emotional bases of my addiction. My lifestyle changes are becoming habit, and I feel I know how to stay on track. I also know that I can come back for support at any time. Thank you!*


Our programs are tailored to each individual and results vary accordingly.