Chronic Pain Success Stories

*Results may vary.

I have had laser accupuncture from Sheila and her practice in 2002 and it works. Today I have great health and no pain. Sheila is a huge part of my life and as close as my right hand, so if anyone needs help with achieving a pain free life it would be in your best interest to call Sheila. My next appointment to her clinic is to stop smoking. I will always be grateful to Sheila for the pain free life she has given to me. Thanks for all your help and support.*

Autar Shail

For more than ten years now, I have lived with a recurring stress injury to my shoulder, myofascial pain syndrome, and migraine headaches. I have severe pain in the cervical and thoracic areas, and pain also radiates down my fingers and causes weakness and numbness. It was steadily growing more and more crippling. In order to function at all, it was necessary to take many medications, including prescription painkillers, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories. My migraine headaches were frequent, severe, and getting worse. I tried many alternative treatments to decrease my pain and to increase my ability to have any quality of life; the results were often mild and short term. I began the LCH Technique on a weekly basis in early October. I experienced some improvement from the very first session. After several weeks of treatment, we decided to do an assessment and treatment by a cervical chiropractor. I have had results with combining the two, and have been able to reduce my medications a great deal, as well as to function in the home with little or no help. On the advice of my doctor, I now take laser followed by chiropractic as necessary to maintain pain control. The treatments vary from two to six weeks apart, and are always very successful. I plan on continuing this regime of pain control as needed, in order to maintain (and hopefully continue to increase) my quality of life. Over the last decade, when dealing with severe chronic pain, I have learned that improvement is a process, not an event. Since these treatments began, I’m finally going in the right direction. Many thanks to Sheila for her professional and compassionate care.*

Barb, Courtenay

I had shingles and intense pain, especially near my right shoulder bone. After the first two LCH Technique treatments the intensity was much less. Since my youth, I had been tense and had not slept well. After the first treatment, my nerves were calming down and I sleep better now. My energy is better because I don’t need my afternoon nap every day. I am walking without getting too drained out. I now notice detoxification in my lymph area, and sweating through my feet after a walk…both are new since the five treatments. Life, in general, is healthier than before.*

D., Duncan

I had an operation on my foot to remove a neuroma (a tumour of nerve tissue). Two years later, I developed a lump on my foot and experienced pain while walking. We suspected the neuroma had grown back, but instead it was scar tissue. In attempt to reduce more scar tissue on the second incision, I had four treatments with the LCH Technique. That was six months ago and so far there is no scar tissue. As well, I have not experienced any pain in my foot from the operations. Thanks again, Sheila.*

Dianne M., Nanaimo

As a person who has suffered for many years from chronic pain, I would recommend the LCH Technique. After these treatments I have found relief from pain in my neck and upper back. I found the therapist excellent to work with, and willing to address my problems. After trying many therapies over the years, the LCH Technique has definitely helped me.*

Keith, Nanaimo

Our programs are tailored to each individual and results vary accordingly.