Drug Addiction Success Stories

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When a close family member was struggling with opioid addiction, we lived every day in fear of overdose. He struggled to maintain a normal life while desperately keeping his terrible secret, and needed treatment that wouldn’t require him to miss work or quit his job.

Laser Centers for Health came to the rescue, offering outpatient treatment and counselling with knowledgeable staff. The treatment helped to suppress the drug cravings, and the therapy provided a much-needed alternative to group counselling, which is not suitable for everyone battling substance use disorder.



I was fortunate enough to find and use Laser Centers for Health to overcome a problem in my life that had almost completely ruined me, my relationship, and my job. This is not some shared message, but my true story. Thanks to Sheila at the Victoria Laser Centers for Health location, my life is mine again. I strongly recommend this inexpensive (in comparison to other options), non-invasive, life-changing treatment for anyone suffering with addiction or many other life issues. I was extremely sceptical, but I went in not only wanting but needing to get back in control of my life and it worked. Thank you so much again, Sheila, for coming up with this highly efective, non-invasive, treatment cocktail. 


Victoria, BC

My son is alive because of Laser Centers for Health treatment, and the wonderful ways of Sheila and staff. I wish I could shout from the rooftops, but stigma is still alive and well. I no longer lie awake at night wondering if I will find him dead, or if the the police will come to my door. There is such beautiful growth in my son's life, and in mine. Treatment -- while still working, living, and healing -- is paramount.


Bouquets of thanks. (Spring 2018)

His Mom

I have quit cocaine, alchohol, pot and smoking with LCH. I had the addiction for 12 years. My life was crazy. Many long nights with out sleeping, getting into fights and not being able to show up for work as a result. Friends and Family became affected, as well as my financial health. Now after laser therapy life has been great. The laser made me feel calm and relaxed. I could go to the bar and watch people drink/party and not be affected or crave. The counselling helped me make better choices. Work is no longer an issue. I’m saving money and now in control. I’m already telling people about LCH and how it helped me and that they should come in since I had success.*


After spending the better part of 8 years being addicted to opiates, experiencing relapses and being controlled by the addiction, it became apparent that I needed help in order to stand a chance of becoming free. After reviewing several options. I decided that I would give laser therapy a try. Based on the information given, it sounded worth looking into. The staff have been extremely understanding and helpful, and it was quite apparent that they were educated and experienced, thus knowledgeable on the subject of treating the addiction. After several treatments, I feel that they made the progress as comfortable for me as possible and after a few months, I remain strong and relapse-free. This has enabled me to focus on more important things in my life and although the thoughts still cross my mind, I have a lot more strength and support though Laser Centers, as well as my friends and family. Only time will tell what the future holds for me but I remain positive and confident that I will make the right choices from now on.*


My name is Brian and I had an extremely large amount of stress in my life..I unfortunately turned to pot and alcohol to suppress my life problems. I then only made my problems worse and turned to cocaine, which became an evil addiction. My friends and family could not believe this person was me….I did not care anymore. It became a point in which I myself was scared and tried A.A and N.A. but had no success in that program… I knew of no other way to deal with these issues until I heard of Laser Centers for Health clinic from my dad who had smoked cigarettes for over 50 years and had the treatment for smoking. He has not smoked since that day! So since it worked for him, I thought it has to work for me. With personal, financial and mostly the love and support from my family I was able to go to Laser Centers for Health and get the treatments and counselling I was wanting and needing. I have now been completely clean and sober since Aug 21/07 and dealing very successfully with my personal problems and stress…laser treatments truly helped me and has changed my life forever!!! I wanted help and support to stop my addiction and in my opinion I received nothing but the best from the ladies at the Victoria clinic. They really helped save me! With all the love and caring I truly feel from my heart and soul. I thank you all at Laser Centers for Health for what you did for me and what you are continuing to do for our society and others….I couldn’t have done it without you ladies!!! THANK YOU!!!*


I had been abusing cocaine for about 15 years. Only through Laser Centers for Health have I been able to become drug free.*


I thought I would just email you, Sheila, let you know how Dave is doing, and thank you, Robin and Ashley. My son, Dave has remained clean for eight-and-a-half months now. He has gotten his driver’s licence back, and has bought himself a little car to get around in. He’s now in his second year of apprenticeship with his job, which requires him to work in Victoria, Duncan and Nanaimo. His moods have stabilized; for the most part, he seems pretty content with how his life is going. I feel like I've got my son back — he’s not a stranger to me any longer. I know that he’ll always have to exercise self-discipline when it comes to drugs, and I’m sure he's also quite aware of that. We’ll take each day as it comes. I will recommend your office to anyone looking for help with addictions. Hopefully it won’t be the case, but if we ever have the misfortune of dealing with this problem again in the future, we will definitely be back to see you. Thanks so much for everything, and the best to all of you.*

MG, Victoria

I started using crack cocaine 20 years ago. I felt there was no way out. I tried to quit but could not because the drug had such an intense power over me. One day, I heard of the LCH Technique. I was smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, and initially went to get help for smoking. I walked out of the first session never to smoke again. Since that worked, I saw in the centre’s pamphlet that there was help for quitting drugs. I decided I no longer wanted crack cocaine and received help to quit with laser therapy. It has been one year since my initial treatment and I am clean today from drugs. My life has completely changed. I actually have money in my pocket now. I am able to sleep, eat, and work; none of which I was able to do before. My life, and my relationship with people, have changed for the better. My self-esteem is a lot higher, and my outlook on life is much happier. Drugs took everything away from me, and caused a lot of depression and pain. The staff members at Laser Centers for Health made me feel safe and supported. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to get serious help. I am so thankful for the chance to start over again.*

DJ, Nanaimo

I came to Laser Centers for Health after being addicted to cocaine for 16 years. I was depressed and hopeless. Since having the LCH Technique I have experienced a total 180 degree turn. I have virtually no negative thoughts and have not touched drugs since. I feel like a new person and have gotten my life back. I cannot thank the laser centre enough.*

ME, Victoria

My daughter has struggled with drug use for years. We tried counseling, but it never seemed to make a difference. I always thought she just wasn’t trying hard enough, or simply didn’t want to change. I felt frustrated because there were very few resources, and none of the available treatments seemed very positive. My daughter and I have had a strained relationship over the years. We often argued and got upset with each other over little things.

Just recently, I came across the website for the laser clinic. I noticed they treated drug addiction, and to be honest it sounded too good to be true. I suggested it to my daughter, and we decided to check it out. I admit, I was sceptical, but felt there was nothing to lose. What I witnessed was a transformation before my eyes. Even after two or three treatments, I saw a tremendous difference in my daughter's personality. She was happy, vibrant, full of energy, and most of all, we both had HOPE! Even though I witnessed these very positive changes, I was still a bit leery…perhaps because it’s just seemed too easy. Now, after four months, I have no doubt she is on the road to recovery. For the first time, she has got a full-time, permanent job and has excelled. Our relationship is like a new friendship. She enjoys going for walks, enjoys her work, and has a very positive attitude about the future. The staff at Laser Centers for Health has been wonderful, especially Sheila. She not only helped my daughter get through what I truly believe was a life or death situation, she has also been there for me. My daughter has been given the tools to help her deal with stressful situations that may be challenging. With each month that passes, her confidence strengthens and it feels like a new beginning for both of us. My gratitude to the laser centre, and to my daughter for the courage to get better.*

LMC, Victoria

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