Smoking Success Stories

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In December 2015, I had laser therapy at your clinic, Laser Centers for Health in Nanaimo, to quit smoking. I had been a smoker for 45 years and had tried quitting on my own a few times without success. In the past four years, I had developed hypertension. My health care provider told me I probably wouldn’t need the medications if I didn’t smoke. I have also had trouble gaining and keeping weight on, and was concerned about my financial health as well, since I am just a few years away from retirement.


My treatment was a success in all respects. I had to have my blood pressure medication reduced the first time after one week, with subsequent reductions every second week. At this point, I have been reduced to one small dose blood pressure pill a day. The medication I was on was costing me $86 per month; now it is costing me $28 per month. Combined with the savings from not smoking, I estimate that I should be saving $6,000+ per year. Looks like I don’t have to share my cat’s Fancy Feast when I retire after all!


I have already started to gain weight, and my energy level has really gone up. Friends and co-workers have been telling me how good I look. The only one not pleased is my pharmacist (probably due the decrease in sales potential for him).


Of course, I have been telling everyone about your clinics, and the great support I get from you, Sheila, and from Shanyn in Nanaimo. Hopefully, this note will encourage other people to get laser treatment, rather than trying to quit by replacing the nicotine from a cigarette with another product that has nicotine in it.


Many thanks!

Karen Cameron

I had been a smoker for 13 years and needed to change for both my wellbeing and my bank account. I had been on champix and had experienced all of the side effects that came with the drug including anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts as well as heightened stress and was still smoking even though it was supposed to be an effective smoking cessation aid. I went for the laser treatment and nearly a month later I am still smoke free! While the laser may not have prevented all of the cravings, the session helped me to understand the behaviour behind the habit and that smoking was really a coping mechanism for my stress and anxiety issues. The whole approach that the centre really emphasizes has literally been a life saver.*


Victoria BC

I started smoking when I was 18 years of age and continued for 30 yrs. After a few attempts, I quit for the first time, “cold turkey”, and stayed free for 2 years. Unfortunately, I started back up smoking cigars & cigarillos & continued again for 2 years. I quit this time with the help of “Zyban”, the nicotine patch & nicotine gum. I didn’t try “Champix” because of the horror stories I had heard about it.  However, I continued to chew nicotine gum. I thought I could slowly wean myself off of the gum, but after 12 more years I was still using a lot of nicotine gum for my dependence. Then, I saw an ad for laser therapy. I hadn’t known that there was a treatment to quit nicotine gum chewing. I had the laser treatment May 2015 at “Laser Centers for Health” – a 1 hour treatment and followed with their easy instructions. Two weeks later, I had not used nicotine in any form and had no cravings. I still had thoughts after dinner but not every night and no physical cravings. I went for a “top up” treatment which helped me feel more relaxed and have had good sleeps. Two months later, I am completely free of nicotine – No cravings…not even thoughts, and I’m savings $150.00 every month on nicotine gum. Two months later, stopping nicotine has helped with my blood pressure, allowing me to be on a third of the medication I was previously on. I feel a lot better physically and about myself since quitting. I recommend “Laser Centers for Health”, if you feel it’s time to quit nicotine in any form. It has worked for me.*


November 2015 will be seven years that I went from smoking a deck a day, to spending one hour at Laser Center for Health and have been a non-smoker since. Never thought about cheating. Was easy for me☺ The best 300 bucks I've ever spent!


Then about four years ago, I recommended it to my 86-year young Uncle, Uldis, and after smoking for 60 years, he too stopped that day he visited Laser Center for Health.

T. Kiss

I smoked for 15 years and I tried to quit every new year. I had actually started to believe perhaps I never would. Then I tried the LCH technique. It wasn't without tough moments, however it was easier than I ever could have imagined. I walked out of my treatment and I can finally say I am FREE! It has been more than a calendar year and I know I will never go back to smoking. I committed to the steps in the program, you have  to follow the steps, commit and you will succeed.

At first I had trouble getting over the cost, now more than a year later I realize how simple and effective an investment it is, I offer to pay for the program for all my smoking friends. It has paid me back every single month, 13 times over, and counting.  I'd like to thank the staff at LCH for saving my life, for changing my life. I honestly couldn't have  done it this easily, I never did make it free of tobacco and nicotine addiction until I walked through those doors. I tired the patch, the gum, the lozenges, cold turkey, hypnotic suggestion, you name if someone said it'd help I tried it. NOTHING came close, I smoked my last cigarrette on the drive there, and I walked out, less than hour later, feeling like I had never even tried cigarettes before in my life.

Thank you again LCH, I honestly cannot thank you enough,


one seriously satisfied customer.*


It is approximately 2 years ago that I came in for a life changing treatment that helped me quit smoking once and for all. I am proud to say I've been tobacco free since then! I've recommended your treatment to many, but I truly believe the individual wants to want it themselves though. It isn't pure magic, but with the techniques I was given I was able to get through some tough moments.

Thank you!!*

Mark B.

Laser Therapy is so different than anything else I've tried. The most gratifying thing is that I don't feel stressed without it. I even threw out my E cigs too right after the treatment. My wife and kids are so proud of me and that feels amazing! If I can quit with laser therapy anyone can, I smoked everywhere and for 31 years!!*

Darrin M.
Port Alberni

I was a smoker every day for 20 years and hopelessly addicted.  I spent one hour at the Center and it made me feel like i was never a smoker at all.  I have gone back for two boosters and they are helpful and inexpensive. The staff has been amazingly supportive and accessible.*

Aman Dhanji

After 34 years of smoking and many attempts to quit, I decided to try Laser Therapy. Upon having my treatment which is now 18 months ago, I haven’t bought a smoke since. So to reward myself for what I would have spent smoking per month, I went out and bought a Harley Davidson.*


If you want to quit smoking then your first choice should be laser, as it is the easiest quit smoking program I have found, and I have tried them all.*


I am happy to say its been over 10 weeks and still no smoking whatsoever! It was by far the easiest quit I have ever had!! Almost no cravings for smoking. The physical was non existent for the 1st 4 weeks!! But the mental I had to remind myself a few times that I did not smoke, but nothing major. I went to a concert in Vancouver and was surrounded by 15,000 fans smoking and I was really drunk. I reminded myself every 30 seconds that day that I no longer smoke! It was a good test and I passed with flying colors.


I have told my stories to many I work with and I know a couple who are going to see you guys. Worth every Penny!! I have saved 600.00 already and its only been 10 weeks. 300.00 has never been so well spent by me. Thanks again for helping me live longer. It was a breeze!!*


I am 51 years old. I have been a smoker since I was 14 years old and have tried to stop for the last 20 years. I tried the gum, the patch, Zyban, and I even tried Hypnosis and none of them worked. I had one treatment of laser and I disposed my remaining cigarette and I have not smoked since. I feel wonderful and I have no craving.*

Comox Valley

I quit smoking and chewing tobacco, it was so easy and I never had the feeling of smashing something. I highly recommend it.*

Campbell River

You gotta wanna. That is the first and most important step. And if you do (wanna quit) truly, and honestly, then you will most certainly be successful with the Laser Centers for Health. Hi I am John… I quit the habit dead flat in it’s tracks after 35 years of use. I finally decided, “no more excuses!” In other words I was ready. Once you are there…ready…the rest is quite easy…honestly. If you follow the procedure be prepared:

  • to feel calmed by the laser effect
  • to feel astonished at the fact that you no longer have the cravings
  • to feel the pleasant sensation/relaxation that (what I call the crazies of irritability and mood swings) simply and not going to happen this time
  • to have a genuinely much higher self esteem and pride coupled with a sense of well being.

You will become increasingly aware of a major and massive personal victory having utterly stamped out this toxic habit into oblivion. This moment of personal triumph will be heralded by your acknowledgment that you simply no longer think of this former habit anymore.*

John Thomas

Never in a million years did I think changing my life would be this easy. I saw immediate results growing stronger with each day. That was such an important decision. I truly felt accepted, not judged, not belittled. Choosing Laser Centers for Health has been the best decision of my life.*


I'm still a non-smoker and so is my nail tech, Barb, and my friend, Gord – and we are so glad we quit and I still tell people about your program. I had a cat scan of my lungs a year after the cancer surgery and good news – there was no sign of cancer having come back – yeah.*


My name is Lisa and I've had Hep C since 1968. I started smoking when I was 15 years old, and I continued smoking for 40 years. Over the past 10 years I have tried several different ways and methods to quit smoking cigarettes. For the past couple of years I figured I was doing good because I was only smoking about 10 cigarettes most days, but I knew that it was not good for my health or my pocketbook.


Some of the things I've done to quit include: trying the patch 3 times, seeing Dr. "A" an addictions doctor in Victoria specializing in treating nicotine and cocaine addiction for which he prescribed a medication to help cut the cravings, two acupuncture treatments in Vancouver, two acupuncture treatments in Victoria, hypnosis by three different practitioners, cold turkey more than once, prayer more than once, nicotine stick and Zyban (which is not recommended for people with a history of depression, head injury or seizures.)


Every time I tried to quit I almost went crazy with the craving for cigarettes and after one or two weeks I would start again because I couldn't stand the pain of wanting to smoke.


I had almost resigned myself to being a smoker until the day I died, but one evening I was watching TV and I saw an ad for a treatment from Laser Centers for Health (formerly known as Total Health Laser Therapy). I called and spoke with the Registered Nurse who is the Certified Laser Therapist and I made an appointment at the Victoria clinic for July 3rd (2002). She told me to smoke right up to the door of the clinic but to be prepared to throw out any cigarettes I had left. In my car on the way to the clinic I finished off the last three cigarettes I had by chain smoking them and finished one in the parking lot before going into the clinic.


The treatment consisted of filling out a brief questionnaire, reclining on a comfortable chair, putting on a pair of dark glasses and listening to the Therapist speak as she applied low-dose laser therapy to several acupressure points in each ear, on each hand and on each side of my nose. I could feel the pulse, which was similar to a low electric pulse, which was totally painless. The Therapist gave me a cassette tape (now a CD) and some printed material to listen to and read if I was experiencing any cravings. She also advised me that I could call if I needed to talk someone. Part of the treatment included my going home and following some simple detoxification instructions for the first week, drinking lots of water and agreeing to take three anti-oxidants (which are included in the package) for one month. She also gave me several tips and hints to change my habits and thinking. One thing that she really stressed was the importance of not having even one drag off a cigarette as all the old cravings would come back with a vengeance.


When I left the clinic I was a non-smoker! It was that simple and easy. I could not believe that I was not in agony and craving a smoke.*


I had the laser treatment on Feb 8/05 to become a non-smoker. I had tried unsuccessfully to quit numerous times. The laser treatment was a total success. I found the after support from the staff to be exceptional. I feel so much better being a non-smoker, and have saved enough money to travel and to buy antiques. I would highly recommend this treatment to everyone and I have had friends and family who have also had the same success as myself.*


I would recomment this to everyone that truly wants to become a non smoker!! It's the only avenue that has worked for me. I smoked for 24 years. I tried Zyban, the patch, a hand held computer thingy, gum, cold turkey - but this is what worked! Just do it!*

Lindsay F

A group of five of us chose laser therapy within the last month. We were all moderate to heavy smokers for many years. Personally, an average of 1 1/2 packs a day for over twenty years. Without laser, I remember throwing chairs around the kitchen last time I tried quitting. I could not even make it from morning till night. The friendly, sincere staff gave me "tools" to help get through any craving and still remaning, for the most part, very calm and relaxed. I love the money I'm saving. I love no longer having that horrible cough and I love hearing so many people saying how proud they are of me. I feel so much better! I'm so much happier since this huge life-altering accomplishment. I never would have imagined I could make it a month "nicotine-free". In fact, so far, the laser treatment has been successful for all five of us! I swear, if I can do this, anyone can.*


Our programs are tailored to each individual and results vary accordingly.