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Sheila Baxter head and shoulders SMALL

Sheila Baxter, R.N.

CEO, Registered Nurse
Laser Therapist, Clinical Nurse Instructor in Laser Therapy

Sheila Baxter has been a Registered Nurse since graduation from the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, B.C., Canada. After three decades spanning psychiatry, intermediate care, brain and spinal surgery, post-operative recovery and paramedical nursing, she launched western Canada's first Laser Centers for Health clinic in 1999 and is CEO of the Laser Centers for Health group of treatment centres.

Baxter is a Clinical Nurse Instructor in Laser Therapy and trains health care professionals and others anywhere in the world.

She possesses more than 20 years' experience specializing in addiction treatment, therapy, and education. In 1989, as co-founding member of CODES (Community Organization for Drug Education Services), Baxter was honoured for her tireless efforts to educate adults and teens about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. In the early nineties, she served as Vice Chair of the 14-bed Comox Valley Drug and Alcohol Recovery Centre, and lent her leadership and expertise to several other projects and committees for that centre. Baxter is passionate about freeing people from the grips of addiction, and is dedicated to helping people regain control and optimal health in their lives.


Shanyn Hughes Profile Shot smallShanyn Hughes

Manager, Nanaimo Clinic &  Laser Technician

Shanyn Hughes joined the  Laser Centers for Health  team in March 2010. She is a Laser Technician and Manager of the Laser Centers for Health clinic in Nanaimo, B.C., Canada.

From 2000 to 2008, Hughes was co-owner of a child and youth rehabilitation facility in Alberta. This intensive therapeutic treatment facility for youth with behavioural and addiction issues included four properties on 142 acres, with 22 beds and 32 full- and part-time staff. She enhanced her counselling skills while co-facilitating marriage support and enrichment groups for a number of years.

Hughes is extremely passionate about health and wellbeing and finds it exhilarating to be part of such a great team. Every day, at the Laser Centers for Health Nanaimo clinic, she is rewarded with the opportunity to help others make major changes that improve their health and their lives. Clients often comment how encouraged, relaxed and empowered they feel after her treatments. Helping others to build healthy relationships in all aspects of their lives is a priority and passion for Hughes. 


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