Anxiety Treatment

Each treatment and consultation takes less than 60 minutes in a professional outpatient clinic. You will learn simple and positive ways to clear your mind, to reduce tension, to improve the quality of your sleep, and to eliminate anxiety. Follow-up treatments are available whenever you need extra support.

The LCH Technique uses advanced technology in non-invasive laser therapy to calm your nervous system, help you relax, improve the quality of your sleep, boost your endorphins, and eliminate your feelings of anxiety. The package includes two laser treatments, in-depth counselling, and printed and audio materials. Optional all-natural supplements can further help you to remain calm and in control.

Treatments are strictly confidential and take less than 60 minutes. After each treatment you will feel more relaxed; you can return home or to work immediately.

If you are ready to eliminate your anxiety from your life, the LCH Technique is a safe and effective solution. We will support you every step of the way.

Anxiety has become an enormous health issue for Canadians. According to the Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada, approximately 12 per cent of the population is affected. This statistic means that, each year in Canada, more than four million people suffer from at least one form of anxiety disorder.  

Today, fortunately, the millions of people who suffer from anxiety have a number of treatment options ranging from drug-based therapies, counseling, cognitive therapies, and a wide range of emerging therapies. Unfortunately, resources in many communities are stretched thin, and waiting lists for treatment can be quite long. At one hospital in Victoria, BC, the waiting list for an anxiety support group is reportedly more than three years long. Given the long wait for public support, and the sense of urgency faced by those suffering from anxiety disorders, many people choose to pursue therapy through private clinics.

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Our programs are tailored to each individual and results vary accordingly.