Gambling Addiction

Laser Centers for Health's confidential treatment program for gambling addiction is the help you need, and the best help you can get. There is no need to attend group meetings, to miss work, or to be away from your family. Most people can quit their addiction completely in just eight treatments over two to three weeks.

People suffering from a gambling addiction often started just to have a bit of fun, or to feel the rush of winning. Over time, they begin to gamble more often, to place higher bets, or to take more risks. Gambling on slot machines, roulette, cards, sports, races, scratch and win tickets, the lottery, or online gambling can all lead to a serious gambling addiction.

A gambling addiction can ruin your financial wellbeing, destroy your relationships, interfere with work, and affect your health. For some people, the addiction is so strong that they borrow or steal money to keep gambling. Even though they know how much gambling is destroying their life and is hurting the people they love, the impulse becomes too strong to ignore.

If you gamble in secret, lie about gambling, find it difficult to walk away, gamble when you can't afford it, continue gambling to recoup losses, or if people you care about are concerned about your gambling habit, it is likely that you do have a gambling problem. You're not alone. The number of people suffering from a gambling addiction in British Columbia has skyrocketed in recent years and was estimated at 159,000 people as of 2009 (when the last study was conducted).

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