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Laser therapy offers a safe, effective, drugless insomnia treatment that can bring immediate, lasting relief. It’s non-invasive, doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription, and can be administered by our trained technicians at our Victoria and Nanaimo clinics. End your sleepless nights and regain control over your life.

The LCH Technique uses advanced technology in non-invasive laser therapy to calm your nervous system, help you feel more relaxed, improve the quality of your sleep, boost your endorphins, and clear your mind before bedtime. The package includes two laser treatments, in-depth counselling, and printed and audio materials. Optional all-natural supplements can further induce deep sleep. 

Treatments are strictly confidential and take less than 60 minutes. After each treatment you will  feel more relaxed; you can return home or to work immediately. 

If you are ready to wake up every morning feeling well rested, the LCH Technique is a safe and effective solution. We will support you every step of the way.

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Insomnia treatment: mission impossible? It has been estimated that up to 40 per cent of the Canadian population suffers from insomnia or other forms of sleep disturbance. In addition to making each day progressively more difficult, insomnia can cause long-term health problems. Without proper treatment, the affliction can become chronic. Insomnia’s side effects can include high stress, depression, anxiety, as well as an increased rate of work-related injuries and motor vehicle accidents. Long-term insomnia is associated with shorter lifespans, and poorer quality of life for those afflicted.

When seeking insomnia treatment, consumers are faced with a number of options, but those seeking a better night's sleep are left to wrestle with the costs and benefits of each treatment. Will there be any side effects? Can it be combined with my existing medications and supplements?

You deserve better. If you unable to fall into a deep sleep every night, treatment is a must for your long-term health and wellbeing. Fortunately for insomnia sufferers, insomnia treatments do exists that have only positive effects on the body: no side effects, no medication, and no need to compromise on other areas of your health. You can regain a healthy sleep schedule, and you can beat your insomnia for good, without having to accept any side effects or to pay lifelong bills for prescription drugs.

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