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How does laser therapy help with PTSD?

Laser therapy treatment effectively calms the nervous system. It will help you to sleep deeply, and to feel calm and well rested. Even after one or two laser therapy treatments, you should notice that you are more settled and relaxed, and that nightmares and flashbacks are diminished. It will help you to feel more motivated and energetic, better able to focus, and more receptive to other forms of counselling and treatment, such as cognitive behavioural therapy.

The laser acupressure technique is applied to acupressure points on the ears, nose, hands, and other areas that are particularly effective to treat PTSD. The effect of each treatment builds upon the last. A pulsating sensation stimulates a powerful surge of endorphins that promote relaxation, a greater release of tension, deeper relaxation, a more restful sleep, and a feeling of wellbeing. Our treatments include assessment, counselling, supplements, written materials, and ongoing support.

If you or a loved one is suffering, it is important to understand that these feelings are real, and that real help is available. To learn how laser therapy can help you or someone you care about to overcome a traumatic experience, or to book a free consultation, call 1.866.977.2737 today.

PTSD Treatment Packages

Laser therapy for PTSD includes an in-depth assessment, a series of laser treatments to help calm your nervous system, and private counselling during each treatment to help you learn how to eliminate the negative thoughts, build strength and confidence, and maintain control in your life.

Option A: Package of six laser therapy treatments for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Six comprehensive laser therapy treatments:
    The first treatment is 90-minutes long, followed by five 60-minute treatments.
    The first two treatments are scheduled in the first week; the remaining four treatments are scheduled weekly.
  • Counselling for PTSD
  • Supplements to promote relaxation, boost metabolism, and improve the immune system

Thereafter, you can have further treatments as necessary to help reduce stress and promote relaxation, which includes counselling and ongoing support:

  • Package of Two Stress Reduction and Relaxation Treatments 

Option B: Package of eight laser therapy treatments for PTSD + Addiction (e.g. drugs, alcohol, etc.) 

  • Power Package (three 90-minute comprehensive laser therapy treatments, followed by five 60-minute laser therapy treatments)
  • counselling for PTSD and addiction
  • a 30-day detox package
  • audio and visual materials
  • ongoing support
  • family support

Your progress assessment will determine whether you need further treatment. Many clients can overcome both PTSD and
their addiction after just eight treatments. If further treatment and counselling is required, the following packages include counselling and family support to help you and your family cope with any situation, to strengthen your relationships, and to ensure your long-term success:

  • Reinforcement Package (5x 60-minute treatments) 
  • Maintenance Package (5x 30-minute treatments) 

Thereafter, you can have further treatments as necessary to help reduce stress and promote relaxation, which includes counselling and ongoing support.

  • Package of two Stress Reduction and Relaxation treatments 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, also commonly known as PTSD, is a condition that affects emotional balance and wellbeing. It is caused by a traumatic experience, such as witnessing a shocking event or behaviour, losing a loved one, or being in an accident or disaster. This type of severe trauma often surrounds death, threat of death, serious injury, or sexual assault.

If untreated, post-traumatic stress disorder can lead to problems at work, and within relationships with family and friends. Many sufferers turn to alcohol, drugs, or other negative behaviours in attempt to calm their nerves and escape from the feelings.

Laser therapy, in conjunction with cognitive behavioural therapy, will help you, or your loved one, to experience a greater feeling of wellbeing, and will help you to achieve much faster results. Studies have shown that 87.5% of patients self-report a reduction of PTSD-related symptoms, such as chronic pain, anxiety, and recurrent nightmares, after a series of seven treatments.

Our programs are tailored to each individual and results vary accordingly.