Sexual Addiction

If you have intense, uncontrollable sexual urges, behaviours, or thoughts that are extreme in frequency or in nature, you may be suffering from a sex addiction.

You need help, but you don't know where to turn. You can stop your addiction to sex in just a few weeks, with the LCH Technique.

The LCH Technique consists of consultation, laser therapy, all-natural supplements for detoxification, written and audio materials, counselling, and ongoing support. After each treatment you'll feel relaxed. You can return home or to work immediately.

Most clients can quit their sex or porn addiction completely after eight treatments, delivered over two to three weeks. The first three or four treatments are scheduled in week one to minimize the feelings of compulsion as quickly as possible. Treatments are gradually reduced until the physical and psychological addiction is completely over.

Unused, pre-paid treatments can be banked for up to one year, and used in the event that you need some extra support.

Some examples of compulsive behaviour by sex addicts include obsessive sexuality within a relationship, pursuing a succession of lovers only for the purpose of obtaining sex, fixation on an unattainable partner, relentless masturbation, or obsession with pornography and other forms of adult entertainment.

Many sex addicts engage in voyeurism, exhibitionism, elaborate fantasy, cybersex, or frequent visits to prostitutes. Occupational, academic, social, or domestic obligations are often neglected. Many sex or porn addicts report feelings of distress, anxiety, restlessness, or violence if they are unable to fulfill their desires. They typically withdraw from family life to pursue sexual activity, risking money, marriage, family and career.

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